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IntelliCommand is a Visual Studio extension that helps you remember shortcut keys. This extension is supported on Visual Studio 2010, 2012, and 2013 on Professional and higher.

As of September 2014, development of IntelliCommand has moved to GitHub.

Get latest working version on Visual Studio Gallery: IntelliCommand

IntelliCommand shows a helpful overlay window with all of the possible shortcuts you can use when you press Ctrl, Shift, Alt or any combination of those keys (hold the keys for about 2 seconds to see the window). It also supports multi-key shortcut chords, so when you press the first key in a multi-key shortcut (like Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C), it shows you the possible next keys you can press and what they do.



IntelliCommand shows all available shortcut keys for combination of Control+Shift after a couple of seconds:


Ctrl+K was pressed. Visual Studio waits for second key in the chord:


Available options for IntelliCommand. Delay before displaying IntelliCommand window, customization of the IntelliCommand window's appearance:


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